Breaking Borders

My mother has taught me
Sher banke rehna,
Live like a lion.
My father has told me,
Damag tanda rakhna,
Keep your mind cool.
And my sister, my didi,
She helped me learn
To take one step at a time.
And with my family’s blessings,
Parivar de ashivar de naal,
I’ve learned to break borders.

Through these teachings,
I became a calm, curious cub.
Reach out my paws,
Not to scratch, but to hold a hand
And spread love.

Yet, there are so many people, so many places.
Of course I’m intimidated!
But with the power of an open mind,
I’m reminded not to fear,
Everything will be fine.

And on comes my oldest friend, Time.
Too slow when I want him to go,
Too fast when I want him to last.
Pick a side I scream!
Give me one second he says,
And I look back.
I’ve grown to become a lion.

Before breaking borders in the world,
We must break the borders in our minds.
Then, little by little, let us learn
To gain strength by being kind.