The Weekly Hajmola: Youth in Politics with Aditi Singh

Sudhanshu Kaushik interviews MLA from Raebareli Sardar, Aditi Singh. 

It must be tough to be the youngest Member of Legislative Assembly in the Uttar Pradesh assembly, but Aditi Singh, who was elected at the age of 28 from Raebareli Sardar, pulls it off effortlessly. 

Here's a candid interview of one of India's youngest politician elected in the largest, most volatile and dynamic state of Uttar Pradesh as she speaks on issues close to her heart including: comprehensive education, curbing drug usage in UP and trying to make India's politics more inclusive, while dealing with ageism and sexism. 

When there are 2/3 of India's population below the age of 30, it is essential we need young leaders like Aditi taking the mantle and attempt to fix India. 

 File photo: Aditi Singh

File photo: Aditi Singh