Imagine having your identity questioned, your religion threatened, and mocked. Told it isn’t a religion, it’s an extreme religion, that you or your religion do not count, do not exist. Every day someone pulling of your hijab, or grabbing you by the throat and telling you to get out of their country. Imagine having to work for, with, and around people that do not accept your religion, think it is an aberration, an abomination. Imagine that.


You know, we desis love to complain, criticize everyone and anyone we can behind closed doors. And yeah, it’s horrible what’s happening to Muslims in this country, in America. But I’m not really talking about America. Have we ever thought about the Ahmedis? The people who call themselves Muslim, believe in Allah? Those people? Have we stopped to think about anyone but ourselves? Because as bad as brown people have here, Ahmedis have it worse in our communities, especially in Pakistan. ‘Will not give service to Ahmedis’, outside buildings, ‘Are you an Ahmedi’ on government forms (the underlying implication being that your application will simply not be accepted if you are).


“Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men.”

- Gandhi