Calibri TM 2007

Long before man, before the dinosaurs, before the universe expanded from one single point, before the collision, the Big Bang, long before the creation of font, there was Calibri.

Before fire, before man, there was Calibri.

Calibri is even carved in the fossilized footsteps of dinosaurs so that when they would step on the ground, before archaeologists would discover them, the dinosaurs would have explained what they weighed, what species they were from, the mighty T-Rex or the majestic Brontosaurus, or the massive Triceratops, even what they had for dinner that day.

Calibri integrated itself into man’s consciousness so that before there was even civilized language, back in the times of cave paintings that were done by hand, in the dark, dark caves, only dimly lit by flickering flames, there was Calibri. Cave paintings have Calibri next to them to explain how the paintings were done, and what medium the caveman used, and what his inspiration was.

Then in 2006, sorry we meant 2007, some human thought up a new font style. That was his eureka moment, he was on his desk, all his years of art school, looming behind him, his student debt piling up, his house about to be taken away. Suddenly, it was as if a light bulb lit above his head, so bright that it blew its own fuse, he had invented Calibri.

But we know that it has been around since long before humans.

A hundred years from now, when we have colonized Mars, some human child will be jumping around in the light gravity, and on the surface of Mars, he will see the most ancient of things: Calibri.

A thousand years from now, when we are venturing into different universes, and the world is watching breathlessly on holographic screens what the brave astronauts have discovered, we will hear:
“Houston, we have a problem! We have discovered Calibri in this universe”

And the world will go crazy.

Calibri has been around since way before man came to this planet, and it will around for way longer. Calibri is infinity.