Bishop to G5

Bishop to G5.


He was a sociopath. Pathological liar. He loved playing games.


Playing people is like playing chess; you do both for the thrill of seeing a plan come to life or seeing a trap work as you intended. The condition is, you need to realize that the king and the pawn go back to the same box at the end of the game.


He realized that. He played the game for the thrill of it. The pleasure. The euphoria. It was his drug; his ecstasy. And he was hooked. He couldn’t stay away from people for too long.


He loved the game too much.


Knight to F3.


Nothing. He saw nothing in his opponent’s eyes. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen the move. It was that there was no sign of recognition in his eyes. No fear, no pleasure. Nothing. A perfect poker face. But for the fact that he knew there was no such thing in this game of people.


Knight to F3.


Why has he not seen this? Has he given up? Was I wrong? Does he not realize that we’re playing this? Of course he does. Nothing else would make sense. Well… the best I can do is wait. Patience is a virtue that I don’t necessarily possess but I do know how to pretend. And that does a lot towards fooling people.


Your turn.


In his mind, he was rubbing his hands together with glee. On the outside, he was stoic; a weathered rock. They had been going back and forth at it for a while now.


And there it was. His opponent had just made his move.


Ecstasy. Unadulterated joy.


A text to one person and a face-to-face meeting with another and his move was done.