Haath jin mein ho junoon katt te nahi talvaar se.
Sar jo uth jaate hain voh jhukte nahi lalkaar se.
— Bismil Azimabadi

What is Qissa Bazaar?

Qissa Bazaar is an online and print magazine that aims to highlight South Asia by the means of writing and talent in South Asia. Our aim, through the thoughts and words we publish, is to bring together the diverse community by words and talent. We publish pieces that range from socio-political analysis of a specific country in South Asia to the art history of the entire region. Our magazine publishes every month while we publish articles, stories and illustrations every day. 


Who is behind Qissa Bazaar?

People just like you. We're students who are passionate about bringing together the community and writing. As we study, we hope to spend our extra time in the development and outreach of Qissa Bazaar. 

Who is funding Qissa Bazaar?

Qissa Bazaar is independent and self-funded. That's why we sometimes need the help of advertisers, because publishing  content has a cost to it. Businesses can have advertisements on the websites in the form of banners, create sponsored content, sponsor events as well as advertisement on our print magazine.  If you're interested in advertisement and sponsorship, please contact us. 

Here is a short video explaing Qissa Bazaar: